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Change is good. Experiencing the symptoms of it - sometimes not so much. And while Menopause can be ultimately liberating, our system needs support during the liberation. Our Transform blend is formulated to thwart hot flashes, irritability and fatigue. Apply throughout the day and before bedtime to ease the transition into your exciting, new life.

I embrace change. I celebrate myself.


Transform fuses the 100% natural essential oils of:
 - Cedarwood reduces lethargy, restores vitality
 - Geranium fosters stability and security 
 - Sweet Orange encourages positve outlook

Blended in 100% organic Jojoba Oil.

not-contain.jpgDOES NOT CONTAIN

Parabens - Sulfates - Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic Dyes - Petrochemicals - Phthalates - GMOs - Triclosan
Nor is it animal tested.

apply.jpgHOW TO APPLY

For maximum benefits, apply generously, rolling on in a circular motion, 5x each, to wrists, neck, collarbone and temples. Inhale deeply after each application. Reapply frequently throughout the day and before bedtime to ease your transition.

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  1. Amazing!

    I Absolutely love this Blend! It's amazing and I suggest everyone try this!

    ~ Tiffany Robinson on 7th Mar 2015

  2. hmmmm

    Did nothing for my server hot flashes. I'm still put it on sometimes, waiting for it to help.

    ~ Cheryl Holmes on 1st Nov 2014

  3. Change Doesn't have to be So Hard

    Going through the change was very difficult. 21 Drops was a lifesaver. Hot flashes and mood fluctuations were difficult to deal with until I found #16 The Change. Thank you 21 Drops! I recommend this to all my friends going through menopause.

    ~ Joann Benson on 18th Apr 2014

  4. Finding a way to deal with hot flashes and moods

    Here I am freaking out from menopause, fanning myself, and hoping that my new #16 Transform does the trick!

    ~ Laura Cella on 18th Apr 2014

  5. Putting the "pause" in menopause

    Menopause is not for the faint of heart. I need relief but I won’t take drugs, so I get myself a lovely Japanese rice paper fan and a roller bottle of 21 Drops #16 The Change. I drop all my clothes and hold the roller to my pulse points. Ahhhh, you really can soothe the savage middle-aged beast.

    ~ Unknown on 18th Apr 2014

  6. Just the Aroma makes me feel Better!!

    I LOVE the aroma of 'The Change'!
    Just placing it on my wrists and neck make me feel calmer, more feminine and remind me to celebrate my womanhood and how God created us!

    ~ R. Isburg on 17th Sep 2013

  7. So much better

    I've been using "the change" for two weeks and my hot flashes are better..not as often and not as intense. Sometimes I can even ward them off as I feel them coming on...thank you thank you

    ~ Diane R on 31st Oct 2011

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