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    Up Your Game With Essential Oils!

    21 drops founder, Cary Caster, talks about the benefits of using essential oils pre-workout, during your workout and post workout to improve your body’s overall performance. She gives readers a step-by-step guide, sharing ways to use them safely and effectively!  ...more»

























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    "Stop And Smell The Oils"

    21 Drops is proud to be a part of the newly-launched aromatherapy body luxury collection at tu-anh Boutique! Our blends offer you natural solutions for a healthier mind and body, with easy-to-use rollerball application that’s portable, colorful and highly effective. ...more»




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    Now You Can Find Travel-Friendly 21 Drops At The Airport!

    Well + Good featured our partner, 3FLOZ, airport vending machines that dispense natural beauty products! They can now be found at 18 airports nationwide, including Jet Blue’s JFK terminal. 21 Drops is proud to be included, among the other wonderful products, in these new-age travel vending machines. ...more»










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    Your Well-Oiled Machine...

    Our founder, Cary Caster, shares with readers her daily skin regimen of essential oils that have anti-aging properties.“Learn the basics of botanicals and vegetables to reinvigorate your complexion.”  ...more»






  • ok.com-thumb.png

    The Top 10 Gifts for the Ultimate Jet Setter

    21 Drops was featured in a roundup of holiday gifts for the frequent flyer. The placement shares an image of the Quick Fix Set with a caption that reads, “Headaches, stress, and lack of sleep are no fun—but swim-up bars are. Make sure you’re in the best shape to get to one with these aromatherapy drops to soothe and reverse your voyage-induced woes.” The post drives readers to Sephora.  ...more»



  • caitlincooks-thumb.png

    I’m BACK! Pregnancy Essentials!!

    21 Drops 04 Hangover was featured in a video roundup of pregnancy essentials for its ability to dispel nausea. Vlogger Caitlin shares details about her tough pregnancy and how the essential oils in the 04 Hangover blend help to soothe unwanted nausea symptoms. The product was featured in the video, and the placement drives readers to 21Drops.com.  ...more»



  • blisstree-thumb.png

    7 Awesome Aromatherapy Products for Fall

    21 Drops 14 Immunity was featured in a roundup of aromatherapy must-haves. The placement notes the brand is a “myriad of awesome essential oil blends,” and that 14 Immunity will help “fight off the nasties that come with cold and flu season.” The blogger highlights some of the key essential oils used in the blend. An image was included and the placement drives readers to 21Drops.com.  ...more»



  • refinery29-thumb2.png

    20 Items to Help You Sleep Like A Baby

    21 Drops’ 18 Sleep was featured in a roundup of products “from dreamy aromatherapy to light blocking shades” to help readers ensure “sleeping-beauty status.” An image of blend 18 Sleep was included in the slideshow’s main picture and was also the first product featured out of 20 products. The placement drives readers to Sephora.com.  ...more»



  • wmagazine-thumb.jpg

    Relax Already

    21 Drops’ 10 Calm featured in an article entitled, “Stay Calm”. 21 Drops 10 Calm is the first product mentioned in the round on calming beauty products, “ In this essential oil rollerball, sweet orange serves as an anti-depressant, vetiver calms and jasmine releases inhibitions and diminishes fear—at least according to the label. Whether you believe that or not, this blend will leave you smelling like bottled happiness.” An image of the product was included, and the placement drives viewers to Sephora.com  ...more»



  • astheygrowup-thumb.jpg

    21 Drops Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oils

    AsTheyGrowUp.com published a full feature on the blogger’s experience with the brand . The blogger, once a skeptic of the power of essential oils, was thrilled with the her results after using 21 Drops. She says, “It almost seems too good to be true that one company can help cure ailments, change moods and give you increased stamina and will power in the toughest of times with their three easy steps STOP. INHALE. TRANSFORM.” She shares her experience with using 10 Calm and 19 Will power. An image of all 21 blends is included, and the placement drives readers to 21Drops.com.” A prominent image of the blend is included, and the placement drives readers to Sephora.com  ...more»



  • refinery29-thumb.jpg

    The Nose Knows: A Guide To Having The Best Smelling Home On The Block

    21 Drops’ 11 De-Stress was featured in a roundup on Refinery29.com centered around the importance of smell. The placement quotes event producer, Kelley L. Moore who says, “I love using De-Stress 11 by the brand 21 drops with my jittery brides. It’s an essential oil that is full of lavender, jasmine, chamomile, and other soothing scents that immediately place brides at ease and make them feel like they have stepped into a spa.” A prominent image of the blend is included, and the placement drives readers to Sephora.com  ...more»



  • fitandfabliving-thumb.jpg

    Aromatherapy: Fact or Fiction?

    21 Drops was featured in an article on FitAndFabLiving.com that discusses aromatherapy. The editor writes that “Aromatherapy is a form of holistic healing,” and uses Cary Caster as an expert on the subject. She shares that Cary’s “collection of natural therapeutic oil blends are designed to target specific ailments or trigger certain actions in the body,” and “whether you’re trying to cure headaches or hangovers, Cary has a blend for you.” She calls out some of 21 Drops’ most popular blends, including: 11 De-Stress, 04 Hangover and 14 Immunity. An image of all 21 blends is included, and the placement drives readers to 21Drops.com.  ...more»



  • msnliving-thumb.jpg

    9 Ways to Upgrade Your Medicine Cabinet

    21 Drops was featured on Living.Msn.com’s blog “The Men’s Department,” after being included in last month’s issue of DETAILS Magazine. The placement shares that 21 Drops offers blends that “help relieve stress, boost immunity, fight headaches and more.” The post drives readers to Sephora.com.   ...more»



  • redbook-thumb.jpg

    13 Essential Oil Products to Try This Summer

    21 Drops was featured in a roundup of must-have essential oil beauty products for this summer. The editor says, “These essential oil blends promise to combat some of your most annoying ailents.” She shares a detailed breakdown of ingredients and goes on to say that the Redbook staff likes to use the blends for their fragrant smells. An image of many different blends was included, and the placement drives readers to 21Drops.com.  ...more»



  • modernmom-thumb.jpg

    21 Drops Essential Oils

    21 Drops’ 18 Sleep was featured in a review. The placement showcases 18 Sleep as a natural alternative solution for moms that have a hard time sleeping at night. The editor writes that this blend aims “to help you achieve the shut-eye you deserve.” Details on the ingredients and how to apply the rollerball were included. An image of the product was featured, and the placement drives readers to 21Drops.com  ...more»



  • glossyboxmag-thumb.png

    Top 5 GLOSSYBOX Office Obsessions

    21 Drops’ 21st Century Survival set was included in a roundup featuring the top five beauty picks by the GLOSSYBOX staff. The placement features an image of the set with a caption that reads, “We know aromatherapy is good for healing the body, but what scent should we use? Cary Caster of 21 Drops took the guesswork out of the equation by creating 21 different blends to target specific concerns.  ...more»



  • bridalguide-thumb.jpg

    Top Beauty Products to Tame Wedding Stress

    21 Drops’ 11 De-Stress was featured in a roundup highlighting beauty products that help soon-to-be brides unwind. The placement features an image of the product with a caption that reads, “Going over your wedding budget for the umpteenth time? Then you need #11 De-Stress by 21 Drops.” Details on the ingredients and how to apply the rollerball were included. The placement drives readers to 21Drops.com.  ...more»



  • jackson5-thumb.png

    Surprise Dad With Something Different, Something He Will Really Use This Father’s Day

    21 Drops was featured in a review and giveaway on The Jackson Five Family Blog and features the brand as the perfect Father’s Day gift. The blogger shares that 21 Drops offers 21 solutions to make you feel better and help you live a healthier lifestyle. After reviewing 01 Invigorate, she shares with readers that it’s ideal for anytime you feel drained because it will “propel your mind and body into action.” Prominent images were included, and the placement drives readers to 21Drops.com. ...more»


  • apartments.com-thumb.png

    Green Beauty Products

    21 Drops was featured as an organic beauty product that offers users a fresh spin on aromatherapy. The placement shares that 21 Drops does not use parabens, sulfates or synthetics in its products and uses simple packaging to minimize waste. The blogger says, “A few of these drops will make a stressful day seem surprisingly relaxing after a few whiffs for many people.”  ...more»


  • gloss-thumb.jpg

    Aromatherapy 101 (For The Stressed Out)

    An interview with Cary Caster was featured on GlossDaily.com. The placement covers stress points, the difference between aromatherapy and fragrance, and how to maximize the effects of essential oils. The online post highlights 11 De-stress as the perfect blend for a day when “nothing is going right.” The placement features an image of the entire product line and drives readers to 21Drops.com ...more»


  • details-thumb.png

    9 Ways to Upgrade Your Medicine Cabinet

    21 Drops 11 De-Stress and 14 Immunity were featured in a roundup of products that will revamp any one’s medicine cabinet. The article displays 21 Drops as a natural alternative to healing by saying, “ Sick of pill-popping? This line of essential oils has blends that relieve stress, boost immunity, fight headaches and more.” An image was included, and the placement drives readers to Sephora.com. ...more»


  • allure-thumb.png

    Ask Allure: Do De-Stressing Beauty Products Work?

    21 Drops 11 De-Stress was included in an online article discussing stress-relieving products. The article says, “According to Cary Caster, an aromatherapy expert and founder of 21 Drops, different essential oils can work to address different stress-related symptoms.” The placement lists the different essential oils that can help reduce stress and shares how they affect people.  ...more»


  • ktla-thumb.png

    New York State of Beauty with Stacy Cox

    The “New York State of Beauty with Stacy Cox” segment was featured on KTLA.com. The online placement shares the entire segment as well as gives viewers details on where to buy the products featured. The placement shares the price of 14 Immunity and drives to both Sephora.com and 21Drops.com.  ...more»


  • realsimple-thumb.jpg

    8 Finds Under $50

    03 Strength and 06 Passion were featured in a roundup on RealSimple.com featuring must-have items under $50. The editor notes that 21 Drops offers “Portable aromatherapy scents that address all your issues, from headaches to heartbreaks.” ...more»


  • out-thumb.jpg

    Mother's Day Gift Guide

    21 Drops 21st Century Survival Kit was featured in a Mother’s Day gift idea roundup. The editor said, “Help your mom go through these rapidly-changing times with aromatherapy,” and noted that the blends included in this kit will help mom “relax, find sleep and boost her energy.” ...more»


  • passport-thumb.jpg

    Special Effects - Great Stuff for the Consummate Traveler

    21 Drops Travel Well En Voyage essential kit is featured as a must have “for the consummate traveler.” The editor says that the kit is “a road warrior’s repair kit to address weary traveler woes, and handy for the TSA’s carry-on rules, too.” Issue on stands now! ...more»


  • nylonmag-thumb.jpg

    Your Weekend Beautyscope

    21 Drops #11 De-Stress was featured in a blog post on Nylonmag.com as a must have for their Leo readers. The editor said, “The 21 Drops #11 De-Stress aromatherapy blend isn’t a mind-over-matter thing: It’s packed with lavender, chamomile, and other essential oils to help you unwind during this spiraled time.” ...more»


  • martinisandmascara-thumb.jpg

    Relaxation Roundup

    21 Drops was featured in a roundup in honor of National Stress Awareness Day. The placement highlights #11 De-Stress and informs readers about the brand. The blogger states, “ Roll on your wrists and temples to stay calm and collected.” ...more»


  • cocoeco-thumb.png

    Beauty Director Loves

    21 Drops’ 06 Passion was featured in the beauty section of Coco Eco Magazine. Beauty director, Emma Pezzack, writes that she is addicted to aromatherapy. She shares that the Passion blend is “sure to inspire you to release inhibitions and let your power shine through.” A prominent picture was included, and the article drives readers to 21Drops.com. ...more»


  • racked-thumb.jpg

    A Unique Spin on Fresh Scents for Mother's Day Gifts

    21 Drops was featured in a Mother's Day gift guide that focused on useful and meaningful scent options. The journalist states, "21 Drops has been making waves lately with their 100% natural roll-on oils and eco-friendly packaging." ...more»


  • healthandwellness-thumb.jpg

    Top Picks: Scentsational - Scents for Every Occasion

    21 Drops 21 Inspire was featured in an article that highlighted scents that stimulate the senses. The writer said, “Inspire by 21 Drops is packaged in a convenient rollerball to release blocked energy, increase creativity, and help you get back on track.” ...more»


  • luckymag-thumb.jpg

    Lounging Around Is the Best, Especially in These

    21 Drops 19 Will Power, 10 Calm, 06 Passion and 04 Hangover were featured in an article about must have lounge essentials. The blogger begins with, essential oil therapy isn’t just for a massage and stated, “It can lift you up when you’re feeling blue, invigorate you (we all need that for Spring cleaning), help you feel lovey dovey and so much more.” ...more»


  • totalbeauty-thumb.jpg

    11 Best New Beauty Oils

    21 Drops 11 De-Stress was featured in a roundup of top beauty oil picks. The blogger wrote, “I rub it on my temples when I'm writing a particularly challenging story.” ...more»


  • splash-thumb.jpg

    Things We Love: Splash Magazine

    21 Drops 07 Equalize, 21 Inspire & 02 PMS were featured in a live segment surrounding spring time pick-me-ups. The guest refered to the products as a "New, modern approach to aromatherapy." ...more»


  • marthastewartliving-thumb.jpg

    8 Fear of Flying? Martha Stewart suggests 21 Drops!

    Fear of flying? Martha Stewart Living featured 21 Drops in a wonderful write-up about the power of plants for healthy living! They discuss how aromatherapy is being used in medical practices, and explain how our products are particularly useful to aid individuals with a fear or flying! The editor quotes our founder, Cary Caster, who suggests that people who are anxious about flying (or any obstacle) use our De-Stress, Calm, Equalize and Strength blends.” ...more»



  • hb.jpeg

    21 Drops Launches @ Henri Bendel's in NY!

    We couldn't be more excited about the 21 Drops NY debut. Cary and Amy were on the floor for a week introducing the international clientele of Henri Bendel's to the healing powers of our fabulous essential oil blends. Stop in and say hi to our new friends at Bendel's ...more»

  • vilescluster.jpeg

    Blogging Frenzy about 21 Drops!!

    We have been written up and featured by dozens of independent bloggers! Some have met with us and learned about our products, while others have discovered our blends all on their own! We are thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response our online following has shown ...more»

  • newsday-21.jpeg

    Newsday Featured Our Earth-Friendly Products

    While going “green” has become a buzzword over the past decade, we see it as a way of life. Making a lifestyle change to be more earth-friendly can seem difficult at times, but remember: every little bit helps! ...more»

  • nylon-21.jpeg

    Cynics who love us in spite of themselves

    Sorry Nylon, but we didn’t promise Prince Charming (or Adam Brody) in a bottle. While Nylon writers say they did not find instantaneous relief after a quick sniff of our pure essential oil blends, we are happy to hear them still sing our praise ...more»

  • 4.jpeg

    Abstain Over Chocolate with 21 Drops!

    Need help fighting food cravings or your other vices? Try our Abstain blend! One 2 Try raves about it, and we hope it will work wonders for you too: “It has worked! …I find myself wanting to reach for Abstain more than chocolate! It gives me the boost I need to stay in control. The scent is also very uplifting making me feel energized enough not to need the chocolate splurge. I love it!” ...more»

  • thewelldaily-21.jpeg

    “21 Drops: Aromatherapy Gets Hip”

    The Well Daily urges readers, who are interested in aromatherapy but don’t know where to begin, to check us out! “Lucky magazine calls them ‘life changing,’ and we agree that fine essential oils can have a surprisingly powerful impact on one’s quality of life ...more»

  • 13.jpeg

    21 Drops supports relief efforts in Japan

    21 Drops will be donating 50 percent of proceeds from online sales of our Carry On blend to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund from now until May 1, 2011. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by ...more»

  • daf.jpeg

    AOL Style List and 21 Drops Support Japan

    In times of tragedy we must look towards bettering others and ourselves. It is important to battle a distraught mind and heavy heart with pure, organic love and compassion. StyleList.com helped support 21 Drops as we strove to support relief efforts in Japan ...more»

  • realsimple-21.jpeg

    RealSimple.com Promotes 21 Drops

    RealSimple.com knows how hectic life can be. That’s why they guide its readers to simply the best, hassle free. No surprise why they loved our line of all-natural essential oil blends: “Portable aromatherapy scents that address all your issues, from headaches to heartbreaks.” ...more»

  • parents-21.jpeg

    Parents Magazine Recommends 21 Drops

    21 Drops is perfect for women facing child-bearing pains, who want to avoid using a plethora of pharmaceuticals. Parents Magazine recommends using our De-Stress blend to help you relax during times of heightened stress ...more»

  • luckymag-tare.jpeg

    Lucky Magazine called our blends "life-changing"!

    2011 is gearing up to be fabulous and it hasn't even begun yet! We love the mention in the January issue of Lucky Magazine (thanks guys!). Yes, our blends fit right into a makeup bag; they're designed to do so. And we hope ...more»

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