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Feeling distracted or just don’t know where to begin? Focus can help jump-start your brain. Keep this blend in your desk or by your computer for your best work, or with you on the court to sharpen your game. Apply any time you feel distracted to bolster attention and promote concentration.

I am deliberate. I am present.


Focus fuses the 100% natural essential oils of:
 - Frankincense induces clarity 
 - Peppermint stimulates the mind
 - Rosemary reduces fogginess

Blended in 100% organic Jojoba Oil.

not-contain.jpgDOES NOT CONTAIN

Parabens - Sulfates - Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic Dyes - Petrochemicals - Phthalates - GMOs - Triclosan
Nor is it animal tested.

apply.jpgHOW TO APPLY

For maximum benefits, apply generously, rolling on in a circular motion, 5x each, to temples, side and back of neck. Inhale deeply after each application. Reapply frequently throughout the day to promote concentration. Best not to use within 2 hours of bedtime.

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  1. Refreshing with a hint of...?

    Smells nice with enough WakeMeUp scents and some back notes that seem to seep into the backof my brain telling my attention to keep going. I have been seen the day before a big prestntation running around swabbing my whole teams wrists. The guys seem to appreciate it too.

    ~ Katie on 21st Mar 2016

  2. Excellent

    I love this product..it works great!!

    ~ Michelle on 12th Jan 2016

  3. Smells great!

    I pair this blend with Invigorate every morning! Love the rosemary scent.

    ~ Tara on 22nd Dec 2015

  4. Haven't noticed any difference

    Maybe I need to use more

    ~ Cheryl on 21st Dec 2015

  5. Great for work!

    I love this scent, I keep it at my desk at work, and it really helps when you need a little pick me up throughout the day to focus and get your work done. It really makes a difference!

    ~ Elizabeth on 30th Jun 2015

  6. Focus blend is a daily work essential for me!

    This blend was one of my very first 21 Drop blends & I quickly became obsessed! As an ADHD, OCD working mom with PTSD its so very hard to stay focused without panicking over everything on my plate. Not only does this blend help me stay focused but it also calms me and gives me peace. I gave a vile to one of my employees whose husband sells another popular brand of oils and you will find it on her desk at all times! Can't live without Focus!

    ~ Margaret Simon on 25th May 2015

  7. Works Great! A Must Have!

    A struggle I am trying to overcome with depression is my concentration because I cannot focus, even when medication. Doing simple tasks is near impossible, and even things I enjoy, like reading, have become nonexistent in my life. So I was anticipating this bottle to arrive, and my expectations were high for this essential oil blend. I have recently discovered aromatherapy, and the benefits are much greater, and outweigh other products; trying this product went above my expectations, and I appreciate essential oils a lot more now.

    21 Drops’ oils are high quality because they are dedicated to health and well being while being safe. The oil blends are tested for purity, therapeutic quality, organic, and 100% safe because they are diluted with organic jojoba, which is a carrier oil so the blend can be applied directly to the skin.

    The Focus blend consists of Frankincense induces clarity, Peppermint stimulates the mind, and Rosemary to reduce fogginess.It does not contain chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and it is not animal tested. Each morning I applied it to my temples, side and back of my neck, and inhaled deeply after each application. For maximum benefits, 21 Drops states on the website to apply generously in a circular motion 5x each. It is noted that it is best not to apply within two hours of going to bed.

    This worked great when it came time for me to crack down on daily tasks that I was having difficulty accomplishing within a timely manner, studying, and checking off that To-Do list. It heightened my overall focus and clarity. I love that it is all natural and safe, and I can easily carry it while on-the-go if I need it throughout the day, or keep it tucked away somewhere.

    ~ Coleen K on 4th Feb 2015

  8. When you need to concentrate

    This one Focus smells great. When you need to free yourself from distractions and focus on a project, this stuff is awesome.

    ~ Petere on 16th Nov 2014

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